Imagine coming home to a fresh, clean home …

Go ahead and spoil yourself, let me do the cleaning for you!

For some people, cleaning a room simply means to tidy things up a little bit and make sure there aren’t any major messes. Unfortunately, many cleaning services treat their job the same way; they only make sure things looks good on the surface. At Clean Sweep Cleaning Services, we have taken things to a whole new level. With our commercial or residential cleaning, we guarantee that your rooms will not just be clean, they will be pristine. This means taking the time to clean deeply in every corner and crevice of a room. It means thinking outside the box and using tools and procedures that are the best match for the area we are cleaning. It also means that each and every service is 100% sanitary and environmentally-friendly. Our staff can also provide some light maintenance work. Call us today to schedule your commercial or residential cleaning service and experience for yourself what pristine looks like.

Are those little household jobs getting you down?

Light Maintenance services are available!

All those little jobs that make your home feel well cared for, like changing a light bulb or cleaning door knobs, baseboards and light switches, are easy for some, but a bigger deal for a lot of people. Whether through mobility issues or a hectic schedule, these are the kinds of jobs that just never get done until it’s a big job!   As one of the services I offer, I can perform these kinds of maintenance tasks for you, either as a separate service or as part of my premium cleaning service.